Bernice Hall Karow Photos

These photos are from the photograph collection of Bernice Hall Karow. They are all said to be Paris, Texas people and most taken in Paris. Any help identifying the people in the photos or more about them, please email Betsy Mills.

This lovely photo had nothing written on it. The second page clipping about the fatal wreck of James W. and Evelyn McDowra Daughtry was inside the folder holding this photo.

This photo has "Jean Jones" written on the back.

The first photo has "Jeffy Alexander" (taken at Evans Studio, 12 Clarksville St., Paris, Texas) on the back. The second photo has only "Jeffie" on the back.

This photo has only "Jeffie" and "Marie" written on the back.

This photo has "Mrs. Baitman and Art" written on the back.

This photo is identified as "the Baiteman house - 460" with "Paris, Texas" written in later.

This photo has "Mrs. Martin family, Slate Shoals near Paris, Texas" written on the back.

This picture is identified as "Johny Moss and Clara Cox" - unsure what is written in quotes on the front.

This photo is identified as "Johney Philips" and it appears to be taken in front of a fire truck - early 40's?

Written on the back of this photo in pencil is "Vivion (Youne) Tankersley - Next door [neighbor appears to be cut off]."

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