Skidmore Cemetery #1, Lamar County, Texas
LOCATION: Skidmore Cemetery #1 is believed to be in the southeast quadrant of the county in Block 42 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.
DIRECTIONS: Not known.
GPS COORDINATES: Not available
OLDEST KNOWN BURIAL: The oldest inscribed grave is that of Stephen H. Skidmore who died 14 Feb 1843.
NUMBER OF GRAVES: There are 4 known graves in the cemetery. (July 2017)
SIGNS/MARKERS: There is not a sign for the cemetery.
ADD'L INFORMATION: From "THE FAMILY OF THOMAS SKIDMORE AND MARY REED," by Sam Skidmore, 'Thomas and Mary Reed homesteaded nine miles east and a little to the south of Paris. My grandfather, David A., homesteaded seven miles due east of Paris. I, Sam Skidmore, was born on this homestead, Jan 4, 1895, my father was Edwin Lee, the seventh child of David and Sarah Sterman Skidmore, born in the homestead Jan. 8, 1864. Thomas, when applying for land, gave Oct. 25, 1839 as the date of entry into Texas. His household included at least David A.; Eliza A.; Mary Jane; and likely others who were not married before that date. Thomas and Mary were both buried on the half acre set aside for a burial ground. This Skidmore Cemetery is 1 1/2 miles due east and south of the Sylvan community. It was the custom and a necessity of the pioneers to set aside a small plot as a cemetery. This couple never moved from their homestead for it was given to Matthew L., if he would stay with them and care for them in their old age. I have heard it said they were heavy people, about 300 pounds each. The dates were obtained from the grandfathers bible. There are no markers in the cemetery, only a grove of trees mark the spot. I never knew the exact location of this plot until about two years ago. Why my father never showed me, I will never know, for we passed it often when I was a boy. Soon after the Civil War, the family began burying in the cemetery in Sylvan."

There is believed to be four graves here, the oldest being that of Stephen H. Skidmore, buried there 14 Feb 1843. The following persons are known to be buried here: Mary Reed Skidmore 24 Jun 1790 - 22 Oct 1865, Murdock M. Skidmore died 1881, Stephen H. Skidmore 8 Jun 1825 - 14 Feb 1843 and Thomas Skidmore 3 Mar 1789 - 8 Dec 1859.


No Photograph of the Cemetery Is Available

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