Rich Hill Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas
LOCATION: Rich Hill Cemetery is in the northwest quadrant of the county and is believed to be a Black cemetery. It is in Block 16 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.
DIRECTIONS: The cemetery is located on the south edge of Pat Mayse Lake property and can only be reached by water. There are only four wooden stakes inside a barbed wire fence.
GPS COORDINATES: 33° 49' 21.3780" N, -95° 34' 7.2264" W
(Latitude 33.822605 and Longitude -95.568674)
OLDEST KNOWN BURIAL: The oldest known grave is that of Carrie Hunter Littlejohn who died 28 Jul 1909.
NUMBER OF GRAVES: There are 24 known graves in the cemetery, but several were moved to Fairland/Littlejohn leaving 13. (July 2017)
SIGNS/MARKERS: There is not a sign for the cemetery.
LAST ENUMERATION: This cemetery was visited in March 1992, by Butch Mills.
ADD'L INFORMATION: Reportedly the community of Rich Hill was located near here before Pat Mayse lake was filled. All burials were supposed to have been moved to Fairland/Littlejohn Cemetery before the lake was built, but others have reported that this was not done. This cemetery was visited in March 1992, by Butch Mills.

Oldest known burial is that of Carrie Hunter Littlejohn who was married to Bethel Littlejohn. Using other records to compile the information, there were a total of twenty-four known burials here:

Council, Clara M. Blanks 00/00/1900 - 2/18/1937
Ford, Otha Mae 11/7/1916 - 2/12/1937
Harmon, Bob 11/15/1866 - 3/23/1932
Lee, Sara NOT KNOWN - 7/24/1924
Littlejohn, Arena 02/28/1889 - 5/29/1939
Littlejohn, Carrie Hunter 00/00/1888 - 7/28/1909
Littlejohn, Emma Sims 00/00/1877 - 6/5/1933
Littlejohn, Green 02/11/1899 - 3/25/1951
Littlejohn, Gus 12/26/1867 - 12/30/1936
Littlejohn, Henry 03/01/1852 - 3/21/1932
Littlejohn, Louis 11/25/1936 - 1/9/1937
Littlejohn, Martin 08/01/1850 - 8/17/1930
Littlejohn, Mitchell 00/00/1842 - 2/6/1940
Littlejohn, Veo 03/18/1894 - 4/22/1938
Littlejohn, Vinie 07/08/1863 - 5/23/1940
Littlejohn, Will 08/01/1859 - 9/10/1931
Littlejohn, Will 00/00/1879 - 09/30/1932
Sims, Annie NOT KNOWN - 2/18/1937
Sims, Enzer Goff NOT KNOWN - 5/12/1941
Smith, E. C. 6/23/1915 - 11/22/1933
Stewart, Walter J. 8/10/1931 - 3/25/1932
Whaley, Effie 00/00/1912 - 3/4/1913
Whaley, Richard 12/00/1876 - 8/8/1937
White, Printis 05/04/1886 - 5/5/1911


No Photograph of the Cemetery Is Available

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