McGlasson Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas
LOCATION: McGlasson Cemetery is in the southwest quadrant of the county southeast of Roxton. It is in Block 54 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. The 1989 General Highway Map of Lamar County, revised to May 1, 1992, incorrectly refers to a cemetery located west of Roxton as McGlasson Cemetery when in fact that one is Lee Roxton Cemetery.
DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of Hwy 19 & 24 south of Paris and the intersection with FM 1184 take FM 1184 westerly for 2.6 miles to the intersection with CR 24200, Take CR 24200 westerly for 1.8 miles to the intersection with CR 24240. Take CR 24240 westerly for 9/10 miles to the intersection with CR 24280. Take CR 24280 southerly for 2/10 miles and west for 6/10 miles. The cemetery is on the right in an old stand of trees at the top of the hill.
GPS COORDINATES: 33° 31' 6" N, -95° 41' 8" W
(33.51860 Latitude and -95.68580 Longitude)
OLDEST KNOWN BURIAL: The oldest inscribed grave is that of Lucy J. Wood who died in 1853.
NUMBER OF GRAVES: There are 176 known graves in the cemetery. (July 2017)
SIGNS/MARKERS: There is a state highway sign for the cemetery.
LAST ENUMERATION: It was recorded 21 Feb 1993 by Patricia Ferguson, Roberta Woods and Ron Brothers.
ADD'L INFORMATION: Tony and Elizabeth Booth recorded the cemetery between Jan. 1, 1971 through Jan. 9, 1971. Contact Mary Evelyn McGlasson of Roxton, Texas for more information.

The cemetery is near the location of old Fort Shelton, one of the first settlements in the county. Because of this it could be the oldest burial ground in Lamar County with many graves long past recognition. It was recorded 21 Feb 1993 by Patricia Ferguson, Roberta Woods and Ron Brothers. At that time it was quite overgrown with brush, fallen trees and other debris and many graves could have gone undetected. Nevertheless, 160 graves were found. The oldest inscribed stone in the cemetery is that of Lucy J. Wood who died in 1853.


This cemetery photo is used with permission from Mary Hall Ferguson.

McGlasson Cemetery

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