Harman Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas
LOCATION: Harman Cemetery is located in the southeast quadrant of the county. It is in Block 42 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.
DIRECTIONS: This cemetery plot is located on the old Pattonville-Sylvan road, just off Highway 271 South on the right hand side of the road on land now [in 1971] that could possibly be known as the Craig place and owned by the J. W. Ables Family. The land is owned by Carl Ferguson in 2014. About 9 miles from Loop 286 on Hwy 271 South, turn left (north) onto County Road 13350. At the end of the road on the right is an opening in the fence. Straight ahead is a cedar tree. The three stones are under the cedar tree to the right.
GPS COORDINATES: 33° 35' 59.86" N, 95° 25' 3.16" W. (33.5999628 Latitude and -95.417667925 Longitude)
OLDEST KNOWN BURIAL: The oldest inscribed grave is that of John R. Harman who died 16 May 1871. However, the marker with the name inscribed states that it was established during the Republic of Texas, which would be between March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846.
NUMBER OF GRAVES: There are only 3 identifiable graves in April 2015. The base stone and crumbled rock evidence of 3 other graves that were visible in 1995 are now gone. It is believed that at one time there was nearly 200 graves here.
SIGNS/MARKERS: There is no sign for the cemetery.
LAST ENUMERATION: This cemetery was visited by Linda Lewis in April 2015. She provided the photos of what is left of the cemetery.
ADD'L INFORMATION: The Harman Cemetery is located on what was once the Harman Plantation. It consisted of 1280 acres owned by John Troxell Harman Sr. Several Harman families emigrated from TN around 1834 to what is now Lamar County when Texas was still a part of the Republic of Mexico. There are probably 200 graves there, mostly early pioneer settlers of the Harman families and their descendants, as well as Charlie Harman Lewis (1881-1898) & his father Robert Henry Tandy Lewis (1847-1885). When the land was sold it was plowed and planted so all of the graves have been lost. All that remains, as of 2015, are the stones shown in the pictures below, which have been shoved under a cedar tree.

Elizabeth Booth first read this cemetery on April 23, 1971. A monument that was inside the cemetery was inscribed: "Harman Cemetery Established Under The Republic of Texas." This monument is the bottom of the headstone that reads "Henry Tandy Lewis, son of Lacy Tandy & Sallie Harman Lewis - Sept. 1, 1847 - July 8, 1885."

Ms. Booth also stated that Dr. L. L. Lewis was the son of Lacy Tandy Lewis and Sallie Harmon Lewis. Tradition is that L. Tandy Lewis was killed when Dr. L. L. Lewis was ten months old by a person named Cushinberry while still in Alabama. However, Lacy Tandy Lewis and wife Susan (Sallie) are listed on the 1850 Lamar County, Texas Federal Census so this is not possible. Another researcher also states that Lacy Tandy Lewis died sometime after a head injury. He rode his horse out of a barn and hit his head on the building. He died in Lamar County, not Alabama. This was told this by the granddaughter of his daughter, Sarah/Sallie, who lived with him.

The preceding information is disputed by Linda Lewis, a family descendant, who states that there is no Dr. L. L. Lewis in their family. They believe that the information may have been referring to Dr. R. L. Lewis, but he was Lacy's grandson born in 1884. According to R. L. Lewis, Lacy died in Sept of 1883, over a year before he was born. Descendants further state that Lacy Tandy never was in Alabama. He went to TN for a while but came back to Lamar County.

At one time there was an old capstone grave cover, crumbled and broken, that appeared to have had hand carved initials of several people, M. H. H? and J. W. ? There could be Ables as well as other Harmans and Craigs buried here.

The location was first visited on 18 Mar 1995 by Butch and Betsy Mills and should not be mistaken for the 'Harmon' Community Cemetery in the southwest quadrant of the county. There are only 3 identifiable graves in 2015. It is obvious that some farmer in the past saw it to be more profitable to have covered the other remnants of graves. The following persons are known to be buried here: J. W. ?? (no dates), M. H. H. footstone, John R. Harman 8 Nov 1807 - 16 May 1871, Charlie Harman Lewis 21 Sep 1881 - 5 Nov 1898 and Henry Tandy Lewis 1 Sep 1847 - 8 Jul 1885.


Harman Cemetery
This cemetery name marker is actually the bottom of the marker inscribed:
"Henry Tandy Lewis, son of Lacy Tandy & Sallie Harman Lewis."

Tree over Harman Cemetery
The 3 remaining headstones are under this tree (2015).

Harman Headstones
The view of the 3 headstones under the tree. The large one at the back is the memorial marker for Henry Tandy Lewis with Harman Cemetery inscribed on the bottom. In front of that is the headstone for H. T. Lewis and in front of it is the marker for John Lewis Harman.

Harman Memorial
This is the top of the memorial marker that is inscribed "Harman Cemetery" on the bottom.

H T Harman
Lewis Harman bottom
This is the headstone for H. T. Lewis with a closeup of the inscription on the bottom

John Lewis Harman
Headstone for John Harman, husband of Harriette Harman. Inscription at bottom of this stone reads:
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
Remember friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I,
As I am now so must you be,
Prepare for death and eternity.

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