Family Cemeteries, Lamar County, Texas
Information:Most bodies are buried in established cemeteries, but burial on private property may be possible in Texas. Before conducting a home burial or establishing a family cemetery, check with the county clerk for any local zoning laws you must follow. If you bury a body on private land, you should draw a map of the property showing the burial ground and file it with the property deed so the location will be clear to others in the future. The Texas Funeral Services Commission offers a helpful fact sheet about family cemeteries. Be sure to read it before taking steps to create a private burial ground.

Cremated remains are also sometimes buried or scattered at home. Texas law allows you to do so over “uninhabited public land, over a public waterway or sea, or on the private property of a consenting owner.” Unless the container is biodegradable, you must remove the ashes from the container before scattering.

REMEMBER! If the exact location is provided here, these cemeteries are still on private land and you MUST obtain permission from the landowner before going to the cemetery.


Bivens Family: Cecile Roden, Paris, TX said in 1993 that there were two graves of a Dr. Bivens and his wife in the front yard of a little house that once set up on logs. The house is no longer there but was near the Hopewell Community on 4 acres deeded from J. V. Hamilton to H. C. Reaves.

Coston Family Cemetery: First mentioned in the obituary of Joe Ben Coston. Located at 1864 CR 13950.

Gillie Family Farm: "Jerry Gillie, 60, died at his home in the Sylvan community Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1996. He was born Oct. 6, 1935, in Paris, a son of Mr. and Mrs. L.I. Gillie.After cremation, private interment will be on the family's property in Sylvan."

Hike-Away Ranch Family Cemetery: "John Mark Stallings, 46, of Powderly, left his earthly life on Saturday, August 2, 2008, at Paris Regional Medical Center. . . Interment rites will follow at Hike-A-Way Ranch in Powderly."

McGarvey Farm: Only one grave has been recorded at this time -- that of Peter Anthony McGarvey. Exact location is unknown.

Mitchell Family: This is on private land and only two graves are known to be at this location. "Billy Frank Mitchell, 66, Rt. 1, Blossom, died Monday, May 26, 1997, at St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Center. Bright-Holland will conduct graveside services at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, at the Mitchell family cemetery. . ." "Thomas Clay Mitchell, 38, of Blossom died Thursday, June 25, 1998, at McCuistion Regional Medical Center. Bright-Holland Funeral Home will conduct graveside services at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 28, at the Mitchell family cemetery in Blossom."

Moss Family Ranch: "David Craig Moss, 51, of Howland passed away Friday, April 2, 2004, peacefully at his home surrounded by family and friends after a courageous battle with cancer. A cowboy memorial service celebrating his life will be held at 2 p.m. Friday, April 9, at the Moss Family Ranch at Howland. . ."

Plummer Family: First mentioned in the obituary of Paul Curtis Plummer which stated, "Paul Curtis Plummer, 88, died Sunday, Sept. 30, 2001, at the family residence. He had been a resident of Lamar County for five weeks, moving here from California. Graveside services will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2, at the Plummer Family Cemetery." Location is not known.

Wright Family Cemetery: Wright Family Cemetery was established when Cecil Stewart Wright died on July 31, 2015. She was buried on her family property, establishing the cemetery.

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