Clardy Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas
LOCATION: Clardy Cemetery (called McElledge by Elizabeth Booth) is located nearly on the dividing line of Block 57 and 58 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.
DIRECTIONS: The cemetery is .4 mile south of the intersection of County Roads 14570 and 14590; then 100 yards west of the County Road 14590. It appears to be on property that has a locked gate.
GPS COORDINATES: 33° 31' 49.41 N, 95° 26' 48.60 W
(33.5303916 Latitude and -95.4468333 Longitude)
OLDEST KNOWN BURIAL: The oldest inscribed grave is that of Thomas J. Estes who died 24 Nov 1889.
NUMBER OF GRAVES: There are 2 known graves in the cemetery. (July 2017)
SIGNS/MARKERS: There is not a sign for the cemetery.
LAST ENUMERATION: The cemetery was visited 2 Apr 1995, by Ron Brothers and Butch and Betsy Mills.
ADD'L INFORMATION: From the records of Elizabeth Booth: 'Located in the southeast quadrant of the county near the Clardy community, on the Roland Ballard farm [in 1971]. There was once an old Baptist Church there, possibly the Bethel Baptist? Mrs. Roland Ballard gave information. On down the road was an old log school that Mr. Ballard's father attended. The road to the school was known as the Rat Road because of the many rats that were once on the area.' Of the two graves there, the oldest is that of J. T. Estes 1805 - 24 Nov 1889. Catherine M. Elledge is also there bearing the inscription of 17 Aug 1846 - 8 Dec 1889.

Additional information from Barbara Martin, 25 Dec 1994: 'Bethel Church at Clardy was first built by this cemetery. The families of Weaver, Sparks, Cheatham, Parker and Merrell used to go to church there. This was told to me by Alva Weaver Stone.'

From Lamar County Deed Book Vol. H2, p. 570: 'Know all men by these presents that we, Wiley Jennings and his wife Sallie Jennings for and in consideration the interest we have in the welfare and morality of our fellow citizens have given, granted and conveyed and by these presents do give... unto G. W. and B. T. Johnson Deacons in the Baptist Church at Bethel and their successors in office upon the purposes of a Baptist Church, a neighborhood school and burying ground all the following described tract or parcel of land situated in Lamar County, Texas on the waters of Big Sandy Creek about 13 miles S.E. of the city of Paris, being a part of the survey made in the name of J. V. Cherry and a part of a tract conveyed to us by Tabitha Cherry beginning at the N.E. corner of said tract conveyed to by said Cherry and runs South 10 poles a stake thence East to the beginning containing one acre. To have and to hold unto the said G. W. and B. T. Johnson and their successors in this trust forever in fee simple. Given... 22 Nov 1879, signed Willie Jennings, Sallie Jennings.'


Clardy Cemetery

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