Bledsoe Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas
LOCATION: Bledsoe Cemetery is actually located right across the county line in Fannin County and it would be in Block 52 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.
DIRECTIONS: The cemetery is located off County Road 3625 near the Lamar county line. CR 28100 is the same road but in Lamar county.
GPS COORDINATES: 33° 28' 36.06" N, -95° 51' 28.62" W
(33.476683 Latitude and -95.857950 Longitude)
OLDEST KNOWN BURIAL: The oldest inscribed grave in the cemetery is that of Charles H. Bledsoe who died 6 Sep 1852.
NUMBER OF GRAVES: There are 37 graves including the unknowns. (July 2017)
SIGNS/MARKERS: There is a state highway sign on FM 38.
LAST ENUMERATION: hese records are from tombstones viewed 23 Jan 1971, by Mr. and Mrs. Tony Booth. There are several graves marked with bois d'arc posts and large boulders. There are 3 small fenced areas. Some slaves were also buried here.
ADD'L INFORMATION: Copied from the records of Elizabeth Booth. From FANNIN COUNTY HISTORY, p. 45: "Col. Issac Lyday settled 10 miles NE of Ladonia on the Lamar County Line. There were 25-30 families in his group. The stockade was fortified by a force of 85 men under his command. The fort was made up of 2 rooms 18 ft. square. Within the stockade small log cabins were built. The fort stood until 1890. A freed slave, Jeff Lextrick, lived on the site many years. Early settlers were Issac and Andrew Lyday, Willie B. Merrell, James McFarland, the Dillinghams (brothers), Elbert Early, Ansalam and Andrew Terry, David Waggoner, James H. Woods, M. W. Bledsoe, G. W. Wilkerson, R. Brown and Al Miller. The bridge built across Sulphur River, along the main road that crossed Texas was run near the Fort and was known as the Lydays Bridge or Crossing. The fort's cemetery was just inside the Fannin Co., line in the Bledsoe Community."
PICTURE(S): Pictures of this cemetery are located on the Fannin County, TX website.

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